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Organically grown and consistently enhanced: The parent company of the group of companies has existed since 2020. The main motivation behind the foundation was to be able to centrally support the companies with their various fields of activity, so that everyone can stay focused in their department. In the same course, there was already a first generation change: Lisa and Florian Runden succeeded Bernhard Runden as directors. He laid the foundation for the group of companies with the logistics company Rubetrans Logistics.

The Runden Group primarily represents the overall management as well as the shared service for all companies, through which finance, HR and quality management activities are controlled.
At the same time, emphasis is put on ecological forestry and agriculture – the preservation of existing forests and the production of Naturland apple juice are intended to give something back to people and nature in the region.

Runden Group exists since 2020.

It is the parent company of several companies.

The foundation of Runden Group had a reason:

The companies are to be supported centrally.

This allows the companies to focus on their work.

Lisa and Florian Runden are the bosses of Runden Group.

They have taken over the boss position from Bernhard Runden.

Bernhard Runden started with the company Rubetrans Logistics.

Runden Group does the planning for all companies.

These include finance, personnel and quality.

But that’s not all.

Runden Group also takes care of the forest and agriculture.

It wants to protect nature in its region.

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Your career at Runden Group

You think that a job should not only be fun, but also meaningful? Then we would like to welcome you to our company! Our corporate group pursues the goals of the EU Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals – this means that we use resources sustainably, but also focus on long-term commitment to our employees and support their promotion and further development.

Our working atmosphere

Benefit highlights

capital-forming benefits
company pension scheme
free supplementary company health insurance
childcare subsidy
grants for the lunch offer
offers in the company employee shop with annual balances
complimentary beverages
fresh organic fruit once a week
company sports
bonus systems
attractive online discounts via corporate benefits
sustainability projects and corporate events
flexible working time model
28 vacation days
diverse personal and professional further training opportunities
ergonomic workstations

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