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Organic farming

Within the coalition agreement, the government has agreed that organically managed surfaces will increase to 30 % by the year 2030.

The Runden Group would also like to contribute to this and conducts ecological agriculture.

This includes a meadow orchard in the region – the harvested apples are brought every year by a short transport route to a local processor, also a family business, and processed there into high-quality organic apple juice, which is certified according to Naturland.


The fact is that climate change is accelerating not only the warming of our earth, but also the extinction of species. In addition to climate change, the danger of biological diversity is therefore a major threat.

In order to offer a kind of life raft for endangered species and a recreation area for them, we cultivate a flowering meadow in our region, which has a variety of native flowering plants, herbs and pastures.

We are also trying to gradually implement this diversity at our sites by converting entrance and parking areas and planting flowers.

Impressions of the last crop:

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