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Sustainable supply chains through re-usable solutions on an industrial level – as a logistics service provider, WBG Pooling covers the entire food supply chain and can guarantee full service from one provider.
From the logistical and operational processing as well as administrative handling to the cleaning and disinfection of re-usable transport packaging to the repair and enabling of the “closed-loop recycling”, this company has completely committed itself to the circular economy and thus avoids waste and actively reduces greenhouse gases.

WBG-Pooling achieves this by having the products continuously cradle-to-cradle certified (a new, equivalent load carrier will be created from an irreparable load carrier after multiple circulations) and, on the other hand, transport routes will be planned so efficiently that both our customers and the environment benefit from it. More about WBG-Pooling on the company website. 
Within the company, many European countries are already supported by native speakers as contacts and the network is constantly being expanded.

WBG Pooling makes food supply chains better.

It ensures that packages can be used several times.

This is good for the environment.

Because there is less waste and less bad air.

The company WBG Pooling helps with many steps:

It provides transportation.

It cleans the packages.

It repairs old packages so that they look as good as new.

WBG Pooling is very good at what it does.

It has a special certificate for this.

And it plans the transport so well that all benefit from it:

The customers and the environment.

Want to know more about WBG-Pooling?

WBG-Pooling works in many countries in Europe.

It has employees who speak the language of the customers.

So it can support all customers well.

Would you like to work at WBG-Pooling?

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Your career at WBG Pooling

Added value through reuse – that is the motto of our company. Together with our employees, we want to make food supply chains more sustainable all over Europe and thus avoid CO2 emissions and waste specifically. Are you also interested in logistics services with a future and purpose? Then get to know us!

Our modern workspace

Benefit highlights

capital-forming benefits
company pension scheme
free supplementary company health insurance
childcare subsidy
grants for the lunch offer
offers in the company employee shop with annual balances
complimentary beverages
fresh organic fruit once a week
company sports
bonus systems
attractive online discounts via corporate benefits
sustainability projects and corporate events
flexible working time model
28 vacation days
diverse personal and professional further training opportunities
ergonomic workstations

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