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Mission Statement

With our vision statement, we have defined the path we would like to take as a group of companies.
The mission statements provide concrete goals for this path and its realization.

All companies are united by a common vision, but the mission statements have been compiled individually – so there are also independent measures for the entire corporate group:

We focus on meaningful and sustainable business models.

We invest in innovations, in lasting, efficient and smart technologies as well as in buildings.

We are pressing ahead with digitalization.

We promote and integrate diversity.

We go easy on resources along the entire value chain and count on renewable energies to reduce global warming gases.

We maintain a trusting bond as well as a partnership relationship with our customers and suppliers. And we bet on durability.

We offer our clients high quality.

We enhance our development and education and training.

We build synergies, connect people and their skills company-wide.

We are expanding international networks.

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