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Code of Conduct

Dear readers,

entrepreneurial responsibility and business integrity are intrinsic parts of the Runden Group. It is our claim to flourish in compliance with all internal and external rules.

For the Runden Group, compliance is a top priority. We rely on your support in this regard. Only together we can ensure comprehensive compliance. We are aware of our role model function as members of the Runden Group.

Mutual respect and trust determine the relationship between our employees and with our business partners. We do not condone infringements and do not tolerate harassment or discrimination.

Our code of conduct contains a series of standards for our corporate activity, a guide for making difficult decisions, and an overview of contacts who are available for questions and concerns.

All of us at Runden Group – employees at all levels – are obligated to comply with the principles defined in this code.

At Runden Group, we attach importance to entrepreneurial freedom and trust our employees to handle this freedom responsibly. Openly addressing problematic issues is explicitly welcome.

It is the task of all managers to be open to conversations about corporate practices, the work environment, their own behavior, or the behavior of other employees.

If you have a problem or notice a grievance, there is always someone who can help you – on site or through other channels described in this code of conduct.

We thank you for making your contribution to the compliance culture in the Runden Group through your personal behavior.

The management

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